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Soothing Bell

Who is WealthiYogie for?

People like you

We’re here for you, if:


You’re new to the world of investing and not sure of how to start your investment journey 


You’re into early investing and need help in investment advisory and execution


If you’re a startup or a small scale company looking to secure your office corpus and let it grow wisely, you’ve come to the right place.


If you’re a small and medium enterprise that requires solutions for investment management with the right equity-debt balance to optimise returns, well, we can get started right away!

Who is WealthiYogie not for?

Unfortunately, we might not be a good match for you, especially if you’re someone who:

  • Keeps checking the investment value on a daily basis 

  • Tracks the stock market and investments with every news announcement

  • Considers 'Long Term” as a year or two

  • Fears the volatility of the stock market

  • Believes in ‘getting rich quick’ through Mutual Fund investments

We’re sad to say this, but you’ll be disappointed with WealthiYogie. Just being honest here.

What will you get?

  • A comprehensive evaluation of financial goals and needs

  • Long term investment solutions that will suit your profile and goals

  • A clear explanation of the process before you dive into your investment

  • Half yearly reviews

The goal is to make life easy for you by giving you a simple yet effective solution for long-term financial goals with no complications. And we’ll do it in a way you’ll understand. Like we said before, we’re allergic to jargon, too!

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