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The WealthiYogie
way of investing

Focus on the karma. Don’t let the fruit be the purpose of your karma.
Focusing on your investment process, and not the outcome, should be your goal.

Most investment experts always highlight the outcome – so much return in so many months or years – and not the process they use to get to this outcome. It might sound good initially, but chances are, you’ll let the complexity get to you.


Investors rarely ask the question whether that outcome was due to the skill of the expert (a proper investment process) or merely luck.

So, if you don't work on creating the right investing process that suits you – and just rely on the readymade solutions available out there – you might end up with a bad outcome. The journey is important, as much as the destination.

Personal Finance journey
Sea sailing investment journey

Why should you reach out to WealthiYogie?

This is a passionate project where the key objective is to share simplified knowledge and know-hows of personal finance and Mutual Fund investments. As against sales targets and selling Mutual Funds.


You will get

  • Unbiased opinions about investment suggestions

  • No conflict of interest

  • No undue selling of funds for achieving targets

  • No misselling of products


Get honest opinions and recommendations which are based on your goals, needs and risk appetite in life.

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