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WealthiYogie Personal Finance and Investment Advisory

Begin your journey to the world of investments and financial freedom

Personal Finance Education. Holistic Mutual Fund Investment Advisory. Goal-based Planning. Customised Solutions. 

The yogic way of investing

Investing is like yoga. And to be an investor you need to have the mindset of a yogi, operating on the virtues of awareness, wisdom, diligence and above all, patience. 


Yoga provides long-term benefits, as do planning and investing. You can’t expect to bear immediate fruit, but you can rest in the assurance that your investment is growing. In simpler terms, you’re setting yourself up for a brighter future.  Best of all, it’s not complicated. Especially if you know what you’re doing.

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Let's Uncomplicate Investing and Personal Finance

WealthiYogie is a holistic investment advisory, Mutual Fund distribution and Personal Finance education initiative. We’ll educate, analyse, evaluate and formulate an investment strategy that suits your specific needs. 

Best of all, we'll keep it simple. No jargon, no empty promises, no over-the-head ideas. Just a pure, simple approach that’ll work best for you. So when you’re finally ready to make your move, you’ll be doing so with absolute confidence.

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Know your Personal Finance status and start planning for your financial goals today

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